one design every device

We provide website design that works on all computers, tablets and mobiles as well ongoing support...

Android Apps

Use Push Notifications to talk directly with your customers & make your web content accessible on Android! All from £20 per month...

Selling Online

Sell online directly from your website, mobile, tablet or App using our Shopping Plugin...

Printed Media

Support your business with eye-catching designs! From flyers, brochures and banners, allow us to help you stand out!

Welcome to Conical Sphere Media - Professional PR & Marketing Consultancy.

With over 10 years of experience, we provide creative PR, business support & marketing solutions for both products, retailers and businesses.


Conical Sphere Media, PR & Marketing Consultancy

Successful marketing is all about having the right tools. We offer complete website & mobile app packages, low cost e-commerce solutions to get your business selling online as well as graphic design and printing for posters, flyers and brochures.


Public Relations

Conical Sphere Media, PR & Marketing Consultancy

We help businesses develop their story and get their message across to people. From press releases to photography, film and social media, allow us to help you get your story told.


Business Support Services

Conical Sphere Media, PR & Marketing Consultancy

The best tools are useless if you can't use them! From IT & email support to data management, trade fayre preparation, business presentations or infrastructure, we relieve the stress of technology so you can concentrate on running your business.


Conical Sphere Business Community

Conical Sphere Media is a community focused business. We believe that by working together, we can do more and be more successful.

Conical Sphere Business CommunityAll of our clients are linked via the Conical Sphere Business Community. This allows us to enter into joint-marketing ventures, share costs or simply just network together.

Our community also means if you are a new business, you don't have to start from scratch - we already have a customer base you can promote to.