Flexible Services for Smaller and Larger Clients

Conical Sphere Media is able to work with both small and larger businesses and organisations. For larger organisations or projects, bespoke contracts are negotiated according to the particular requirements and support needed.

Account Managed Services

We recognise that many businesses need ongoing support when it comes to marketing. Owning a website is an ongoing project which needs to evolve as your business or organisation grows and technology changes. Therefore, instead of charging a large upfront fee for many of our services, we charge a smaller monthly retainer. This allows us to provide continuous support and provide a personal service that is tailored to meet your exact needs.

Consultancy Services

We also recognise that there are a range of other services that we provide that aren’t ongoing. From tutorials & project management to photographic shoots & bespoke graphic design, we have a wealth of experience across a wide range individual services that we offer.

Supporting Your Business

We pride ourselves on providing a flexible and personal approach to all of our work. If you would like us to produce a tailor-made account managed service, we’ll be happy to talk to you about how best we can support your business.

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To see a brief overview of prices and services, we’ve put together a price guide. Download this from the link below;

Click here to download the full Conical Sphere Media Service Guide…


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We’ll be happy to arrange a meeting either over the phone or face to face for a free initial discussion to offer you advice on which services will best suit your needs.

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